7 Interesting Facts about the Topaz Birthstone



The Topaz is a precious and peculiar Gemstone of various colors. It is also the Birthstone for our current month, November.

Here are 7 of the most curious facts about this precious Gem:

1. Topaz (aluminum fluor-silicate) a mineral that occurs in rhombic prisms, typically of yellow and pellucid tone, also occurs in green, blue, brown, purple tones. It can also be found in a clear and colorless state.

2. Purely extracted Topaz is colorless. Topaz Gemstones that present color, consist of 3 components:

Hue: This is the first impression of color, at first sight.
Tone: Intensity of the color, which may range from light to dark, light, medium or strong.
Saturation: A state that relates to the intensity of the color of the Gemstone. This may be dull, strong, or vivid.

3. The name “Topaz” is derived from the word Topazos, which was a small island found in the Red Sea, where the Ancient Romans extracted these peculiar stones.

4. For those of you who believe in the western horoscope and Zodiac signs, The Topaz Birthstone is associated with the 8th sign of the Zodiac, Scorpio. Other associated birthstones are Beryl, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Tourmaline and Opal.

5. The Topaz can be a Wedding anniversary Gemstone, for the 4th and 19th year of a marriage.

6. Constancy, Devotion and friendship are typical symbols associated with the Topaz Gemstones.

7. It is almost impossible to distinguish a Topaz Gemstone from a Citrine Gemstone with simple observation.


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Leslie’s 14K Gold Trends and 2015 Collection…

14K Gold Jewelry by Leslie's
Designer Jewelry by Leslie’s in Fine 14 Karat Gold

The latest in 14K Gold Trends is here with Leslie’s new 2015 collection! OROLATINA® carries and assortment of 14K Gold Jewelry pieces in Italian Yellow, White, and Rose Gold that sets a trend.

Infused Hoop Earrings, Satin Fancy Necklaces, Anklets, Hinged, Polished Link and Mesh Bracelets and Bangles, are some of the styles this beautiful collection has to offer. These timeless pieces will provide lasting memories and precious moments that forever remain in our hearts.

This collection also offers Men’s Premium Gold Chains in styles such as Anchor, Figaro, Herringbone, Rope, Wheat, Cable, Spiga, Concave, Franco, Snake, Box, Link and Byzantine.

We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we do, and make it an integral part of your daily fashion experience.

Remember that a jewel is a precious signature of emotion, memory, and significance… all combined into one.


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Latest on OROLATINA®, Upcoming Sales & Favorite Styles…


Hello readers!

Fine 14K Gold Earrings at OROLATINA®
Fine 14K Gold Earrings at OROLATINA®

This month OROLATINA® is proud to present our Earring extravaganza! We will be having a mid month sale, with an additional discount from our affiliated coupon sites. We are also starting our pre-season holiday sale, where items can be pre-ordered and shipped just in time for the christmas and new year holidays!

We are very excited about this sale, as we have recently implemented new merchandise into our online catalog, and expect more to come in the next few months.

We’ve also been posting videos that we find useful regarding Jewelry and fashion, and these have gained notorious attention. Specifically, we’ve been looking at Lindsay Albanese, and recommend her style and wardrobe tips for all our readers.

Hope you enjoy this month’s sale, and make the best of these fashion tips, for this 2015 Fall season.


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Sapphire Jewelry in September

Beautiful Sapphire Jewelry in Fine 14 Karat Gold
Beautiful Sapphire Jewelry in Fine 14 Karat Gold

Welcome to another edition of our updated Jewelry Blog for the month of September 2015! We will start by asking our readers an interesting question… Do you know some fun facts about The month of September? For starters, in the English language, the word September contains nine letters, which is the same number of the month in a yearly calendar. William Taft has been the only US president in history to have a birthday during the month of September, and a lesser known holiday, Grandparents Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of September, after its first Monday.

This month also celebrates the precious Gem and Birthstone, the Sapphire. With it’s dark & medium blue tones, it is a Gemstone that combines well with White Gold and Yellow Gold, as well as the beautifully fascinating Diamonds. The contrast in their color pairs exceptionally well for a stunning Jewelry and Fashion matching experience. Take a peek inside our current Sapphire Gemstone collections.

Visit our Gemstone Education Section, to read more about Sapphire Gemstones.

September is also an important month for OROLATINA®, as we are approaching a highly anticipated redesign in our website layout, adding new and fascinating Jewelry pieces for the upcoming holiday season, bringing you the best updates in Jewelry and Fashion news, as well as posting more links and ideas on our social media pages on how to wear and combine your fine Jewelry piece… plus many more surprises! This month we are also giving our customers a 10% off discount code and free shipping on all purchases made within continental USA.

As always, stay tuned and have a safe month of September!


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June’s Birthstone… The Pearl.

Pearl Jewelry
June’s Birthstone…The Pearl

Dear readers and customers, we welcome you to another edition of our monthly blog, here at

This year we celebrate Father’s Day on June 21st, and with it, we extend our greatest wishes to our Father’s for giving us the gift of life, and guiding us through those very important moments in our lives. To celebrate this holiday, we have special gifts available for Dad, in our Men’s Jewelry Section.

We are also celebrating Pearls as the Birthstone for the month of June. OROLATINA® offers a wide selection of Pearl Jewelry in fine 14 karat gold for all tastes & budgets.  All of our 14K Gold Pearl Jewelry ships receives Free Insured Shipping & 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

History tells us that for more than two centuries, Pearls have been used as a fashion tool to enhance one’s image and appeal, and honor the beauty of this wonderful product of nature. Considered to be a symbol of wisdom, purity, wealth, love and mystery, these luscious Gemstones are a timeless gift.

Pearls are born from a grit or a microscopic organism that has entered the shell of an oyster or mollusk, and is sedimented by a thick substance called nacre or mother of Pearl. This secreted substance, is used as a defense to protect the sensitive interior of a clam from a strange body. A Pearl’s shape will depend upon the initial form of the foreign object that was introduced into the shell. Pearls are considered to be an organic Gem, as they are created by a living source.

Some of the various types of Pearls, include Natural Pearls, which are produced naturally inside a clam or oyster. These are very expensive and rare. They are sold by Carat weight, and considered vintage in the Gemstone market. Cultured Pearls are grown by using the inside of a shell of a clam or mollusk. They are sold by their size in millimeters. Another type of Pearl is the Saltwater Pearl. These Pearls come from saltwater oysters, and can be cultured or natural, such as the Akoya Pearls, which come from Saltwater regions in Japan and China. Freshwater Pearls are produced or grown inside freshwater mollusks, found in rivers and lakes. Other types of Pearls, such as the Tahitian and South Sea Pearls are naturally occurring Pearls, and therefore not cultured.

Pearls are classified by origin and shape, and their market value is based on their level of glow. The thicker the nacre, the higher the Pearl will glow. Not all mussels, oysters, clams and mollusks can produce Pearls. They appear in less than one by the ton. When it comes to shape, round Pearls are classified as Spherical Pearls. This kind of Pearl is most often preferred, making them higher in value. Symmetrical Pearls are Pearls with an inexact shape, and never truly round. Baroque Pearls are another form of unusually shaped Pearls. These two types are unique in the market, but are sold for a lower value than the Spherical.

More facts about this precious Gemstone, can be read in our education section: Gemstone Education.

Once again, we wish everyone a Happy Father’s Day and a great month of June!


Fine 14K Gold Jewelry & Accessories


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The Gemstone for the month of May… the Emerald

Emerald Jewelry
May’s Birthstone…The Emerald

May’s Birthstone is the beautiful Emerald. Ranging from various tones resembling the lush greens of the amazons, to the dark greens of the appalachians, this precious Gemstone belongs to the variety of the mineral Beryl family. It’s color is the result of having Chromium and at times, Vanadium (a naturally formed chemical element) combined in it’s mineral composition. Due to this, an Emerald’s level of hardness, ranges from 7.5 to 8 level on the Moh’s mineral scale.

Believed to attract good fortune, this Gemstone ranges from Green (predominately) to Yellow and Green, and Blue to Green tones (Thus it comes from the greek term “smaragdos”, meaning Green Gem). It is regarded as the traditional Birthstone for the month of May, and the Gemstone for the zodiac sign Taurus.

The majority of Emeralds in the world today, are mined in Colombia, Brazil, Afghanistan, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Colombia is the world’s largest producer of these precious stones, providing a 50-95% of the world’s production. Colombian Emeralds however, are among the world’s most beautiful, displaying a strong Green color with a hint of Blue. Emeralds are also known to be a traditional gift for 55th wedding anniversaries.

More facts about this precious Gemstone, can be read in our Education section: About Emerald Jewelry

We would also like to extend an invitation to, and celebrate Mothers day with gifts from OROLATINA®. Search through our 14K Gold Emerald Jewelry selection for that special occasion gift here: www.orolatina.com/Emerald-Jewelry/Emerald-Jewelry.html. Thousands of beautiful 14K Gold Jewelry items from our online catalog are available to make that special moment a long lasting cherished memory.  All of our stock Gold Jewelry receives Free Insured Shipping and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

We conclude by wishing all the Mothers and mother’s to be, a Happy Mother’s Day! We wish everyone celebrating this very special occasion, a wonderful time filled with joy and love.

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April’s Gemstone… the Diamond, A Girl’s Best Friend.

Diamond Jewelry
April’s Gemstone…the Diamond

April’s Gemstone… the Diamond,  is popularly known as A Girl’s Best Friend!

Greetings to all our friends, readers, and clientele, OROLATINA® is proud to announce that we are receiving and stocking many new Jewelry Items, including Religious Jewelry, such as Crosses, Rosaries, Religious Pendants, and more. These items are the perfect gift for religious devotees and people of good faith, sacred events, holidays, and other specially memorable moments. They are also discounted, and ready to ship free within continental USA.

This month we are celebrating the Diamond, the Gemstone for the month of April. These precious Gemstones are rare, naturally occurring transparent Minerals composed of Carbon atoms, and have a highly unified atom bonded surface. Diamonds have the highest level of hardness, durability, and thermal conductivity of any bulk material, and are graded 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, holding the highest possible grade. Because of their structure and mineral properties, Diamonds can function as cutting tools, optical refraction tools, and Jewelry. Diamonds are used and worn in a wide variety of Jewelry, such as Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Rings, Anklets, and more. There are other kinds of color treated Diamonds, such as Black Diamonds, Charcoal Grey, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red (Being the Rarest color), Green, Pink to Purple tones, and Brown. White Diamonds are traditionally used for Wedding Rings, and commemorative anniversaries.

Diamonds can be found in many of our fine Jewelry products, they can be seen in this month’s featured items list, and more information about these precious Gemstones can be read in our Education Section: About Diamonds.

We welcome you to visit our Diamonds product section, and experience the splendor and radiance of these wonderful fragments of nature!


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March’s Blog and Birthstone… The Aquamarine

Aquamarine Jewelry
March’s Birthstone… Aquamarine

March is upon us, and with it we welcome the arrival of the Spring season! This month we celebrate March’s Gemstone, the Aquamarine.

This precious stone, Aquamarine, can be found in various shades of blue, predominantly of the lighter kind. It is part of the turquoise and light blue variety of the Beryl family, a mineral that can be found in other colors as well. The Green Emerald happens to be the most famous of the Beryl Gemstone family, for having a large concentration of Chromium. The Green Emerald is also one of the four precious Gems of the world, along with the Diamond, the Sapphire and the Ruby. Aquamarine Gems are extracted from many parts of the world, including Brazil, Africa, Sri Lanka, Colombia, and USA.

Currently, we have many Aquamarine Jewelry items on sale to choose from, but supplies are limited as these specialty jewelry items are typically produced seasonally by our suppliers.  For more information on Aquamarine Jewelry, visit our Education section:  About Aquamarine.  All of our 14K Gold Aquamarine Jewelry receives Free Insured Shipping and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Also new at OROLATINA®, we have added new items into our exclusive online catalog, such as Men’s Gold Chains of various styles, and we are preparing for more advances in our social media sites and website design!

We are very excited about these forthcoming updates, and our customers will soon be able to see these updates.

As always, we wish you a great month from everyone here at OROLATINA®!

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Valentine’s Day and February’s Birthstone… The Amethyst

Amethyst Jewelry
February’s Birthstone – Amethyst

Hello Friends! Welcome back to another edition of our Jewelry Blog here at OROLATINA®!
This blog is dedicated to all of you, both our most recent, and existing loyal customers. As the month of February begins, we bring you a Gemstone of wisdom, benevolence, truth, protection and generosity… the noble Amethyst.  OROLATINA® offers a large selection of beautiful Amethyst Jewelry in fine 14k gold.  The beauty of the Amethyst gemstone contrasts beautifully against the shine of either yellow gold or white gold and both choices offer an exceptional value at OROLATINA.com®

A purple variety of quartz family, this Gemstone is associated with various legends, myths, religious creeds and cultures. It is said to provide defense against intoxication, and clear the mind. It is associated with, and said to transmit positive traits, like the ones mentioned earlier in this paragraph. Our wide variety of Amethyst Jewelry pieces are currently available to order from our online catalog, with free insured shipping on all continental USA Orders, and our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all stock purchases.

Remember that your purchases are easier to make with AFFIRM. Make your purchases now and pay over the next few months! Visit this link for more details: Pay Over Time with Affirm!

February is also the month of LOVE!  This month we celebrate Valentine’s Day and for the jewelry industry, at least online, is the highest traffic month of the year…even greater than December!  We offer a beautiful selection of Valentine’s Day Gifts for your loved one!

Valentine's Day Jewelry
Beautiful Gifts for Valentine’s Day

We conclude by wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day, and a great month!

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Happy New Year 2015 from OROLATINA®!

Thanks to all of our customers who have been with us this year, following our posts on Twitter (https://twitter.com/OroLatina), Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/OroLatina), Google plus (https://plus.google.com/+OroLatina/posts), Pinterest (https://www.pinterest.com/orolatina/), Mi Gente (http://www.migente.com/OroLatina/) and our website Jewelry blog. From all of us at OROLATINA.com®, we wish everyone a wonderful and Happy New Year!!!