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OROLATINA® is an online retailer of Fine 14 Karat Gold Jewelry including Diamond Jewelry, Gemstone Jewelry and Religious Gold Jewelry.  From the Chic to the Unique®, OROLATINA® features elegant designer 14K Gold Jewelry for all tastes & budgets!  All stock orders receive Free Insured Shipping and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.  Shop on® today and see why we have been A+ Rated by the BBB for 10 years!

1.  ONLY the Finest 14 Karat Gold Jewelry from OROLATINA®.  We do not sell gold-plated or “gold-fill” jewelry!

2.  All purchases receive Free Insured Shipping via FedEx®. UPS® or USPS®.

3.  30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

4.  OROLATINA® is A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau for nearly 10 Years!

5.  Member in good standing of the Jeweler’s Board of Trade.

6.  We accept all major credit cards, Affirm, PayPal and Amazon Payments!

7.® uses a GoDaddy Extended Validation Certificate for Safe, Secure & Reliable Purchases.

8.  Norton Shopping Guarantee on all purchases!

9.  Pricing on the OROLATINA® website is the most competitive in the industry!  Check our prices against our competitors any time!

10.  “There is an App For That!” Shop on your phone or tablet with ease!

Download the OROLATINA® App for iOS



OROLATINA® App for Android
Download the OROLATINA® App for Android

OROLATINA® is a family owned and operated business dedicated to providing our thousands of customers with the highest level of personalized service directly from the family members themselves!  While we employ numerous contractors to assist us with our website and several part-time associates to assist us with our social media endeavors, every order at OROLATINA® receives the attention of a family member; especially in the case of a custom order where attention to our customer’s requirements are most needed.  In the 10 years we have been in business, ONLY ONE customer did not receive a full refund, and this was because we sent her a brand new 100+ gram chain and it was returned to us looking like it had been run through a blender.  Our business relies on referalls/word of mouth to stay in business; so we are always happy to comply with any reasonable request.  Your complete satisfaction is our ultimate goal!

We encourage our customers to reach out to us any time, either through our website, or on one of the many social media pages we have created such as the OROLATINA® Facebook Page, the OROLATINA® Twitter Page, the OROLATINA® Pinterest Page, the OROLATINA® GooglePlus Page, or on the OROLATINA® Instagram Page.  Please provide us with any questions you may have, commentary on our jewelry, or even to share jewelry from a competitor of ours that you fancy!

As we head further into the Summer Season, we wish you health & happiness!

Thank you for your interest & patronage!


1-888-ORO-LATINA (1-888-676-5284)

OROLATINA® Now Has an App!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Over the past month we deployed a new, lighter & faster mobile website AND an App for both Android® and iPhone®.  This is our very first version and we have numerous updates and enhancements scheduled to go into our new App this quarter!   Check back frequently for more updates, new inventory and fresh new content!  Let us know what you think!

Download the OROLATINA® App for iOS
OROLATINA® App for Android
Download the OROLATINA® App for Android

The Folly of Sales & “Discounts”, and the OROLATINA® New Years Clearance Sale ;)

Clearance Sale!  Up to 80% OFF Retail!
Up to 80% OFF Retail Store-wide!  Free Insured Shipping & 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

Another wonderful Christmas has come and gone and we now look forward to a New Year in 2016!  Normally, I would expound upon our year end clearance sale, and go into detail  on many of the new items & collections we recently received in inventory, such as our beautiful new collection of diamond bracelets, or cameo jewelry.  However, in turning over a new leaf, or changing with the times, or perhaps we can call it a New Year’s Resolution, I have decided to go into a different subject:


Retailers around the world, including OROLATINA®, must now make room for their 2016 Merchandise.

Interestingly, customers (the general public for the most part), are often not able to distinguish between a retailer and a discount-retailer and a retailer who, because of a simple lack of overhead (like most Internet-only retailers), set prices very low.  Customers are of course, naturally drawn to bigger and bigger discount advertisements (such as 80% Off), more than they are to advertisements purporting smaller discounts (20% Off).  Most retailers deliberately create an inflated number, that no sane human being on even an above average budget would purchase items for.  Then they discount the merchandise by 50/60/70/80% to get to a number where many, if not at least some, can not only afford the item, but the customer also receives  a perceived value and it makes them feel like they “got a deal”.  This makes a person wonder, who, if anyone, did purchase the items at full price, or at less of a discount; and by extension, allowed themselves to be fleeced by the very business they are patronizing?

OROLATINA® prices most of it’s jewelry, THROUGHOUT THE YEAR (every year for the past 10 years), at or near 50% off of Retail (also known as Manufacturer’s Suggested Retail Price, or MSRP).  This means, even when there is/was not a specific sale being advertised, our customers are ALWAYS receiving approximately 50% off of retail store prices on quality gold jewelry, diamond jewelry and gemstone jewelry.   Therefore, when OROLATINA® runs a 20% off sale, items are then actually priced at 60% Off Retail Store Prices.  For example, the MSRP let us say that a 14K Gold Men’s Masonic Ring has an MSRP of $1000.00.  The every day price on® is then $500.00.  If OROLATINA® runs a 20% off sale, the ring is now priced at $400.00 (or 20% of $500.00).

Many retailers, in an effort to “one up the other”, inflate the MSRP to a ridiculous number so they can publish an 80% Off Sale, still make a profit, and not be found advertising falsely.  We found our most recent 20% off sale (Christmas) to be a bit of a disappointment.  We discovered that website visitors (prospective customers) are typically unaware of this “Six of One, Half Dozen of the Other” scenario; and only those who were looking at “Pricing per Gram” were able to differentiate the difference between our pricing and our competitors pricing, and then made a purchase on®!  In fact, until the past year, OROLATINA® NEVER ran a sale or ad campaign indicating a special “sale” of any kind.  Our efforts were mainly focused on customer service, product selection, and search engine optimization (SEO).  Paid Marketing and generation of marketing materials, until recently, was put to the side.

Unfortunately, OROLATINA® does not have the budget to educate the entire world on the Folly of Sales & Discounts and Retailer Pricing; and therefore in the future, we will adhere to a legitimate, more industry standard approach to our marketing of products and discounts.  We will continue to have the same every day low pricing, which fluctuates with the 2nd London Fix Price of Gold (the market price of gold); only our marketing statements & value proposition will be communicated differently.

It pleases us that the customer base we have developed over the past 10 years is one of educated jewelry buyers who recognize value and take the time to divide the price by the weight, and then compare their results to the offerings of our competitors.  It is unusual for any retailer to compete with our pricing, and as it happens, the large the retailer, the less likely they are to be able to compete; another concept that is seemingly counter-intuitive.  This only becomes more difficult for the consumer when the offering of the retailer cannot be properly compared, such as with items only offered (or seemingly only offered by) the one retailer.  In this case, comparison is impossible.  Historically, we have had a mix of these experiences with our customers, because many of the items we carry are generally not carried anywhere else.  We plan to continue refining our inventory to create a selection that continues to evolve towards an OROLATINA®-branded uniqueness, hence our recently trademarked slogan “From the Chic, to the Unique®”

From all of us in the OROLATINA® Family, to all of you and your families, we wish you peace and prosperity in 2016!

Happy Holidays!


Up to 80% Off Retail Store Prices!   Free Insured Shipping!  30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Up to 80% Off Retail Store Prices! Free Insured Shipping! 30 Day Money Back Guarantee



Sapphire Jewelry in September

Beautiful Sapphire Jewelry in Fine 14 Karat Gold
Beautiful Sapphire Jewelry in Fine 14 Karat Gold

Welcome to another edition of our updated Jewelry Blog for the month of September 2015! We will start by asking our readers an interesting question… Do you know some fun facts about The month of September? For starters, in the English language, the word September contains nine letters, which is the same number of the month in a yearly calendar. William Taft has been the only US president in history to have a birthday during the month of September, and a lesser known holiday, Grandparents Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of September, after its first Monday.

This month also celebrates the precious Gem and Birthstone, the Sapphire. With it’s dark & medium blue tones, it is a Gemstone that combines well with White Gold and Yellow Gold, as well as the beautifully fascinating Diamonds. The contrast in their color pairs exceptionally well for a stunning Jewelry and Fashion matching experience. Take a peek inside our current Sapphire Gemstone collections.

Visit our Gemstone Education Section, to read more about Sapphire Gemstones.

September is also an important month for OROLATINA®, as we are approaching a highly anticipated redesign in our website layout, adding new and fascinating Jewelry pieces for the upcoming holiday season, bringing you the best updates in Jewelry and Fashion news, as well as posting more links and ideas on our social media pages on how to wear and combine your fine Jewelry piece… plus many more surprises! This month we are also giving our customers a 10% off discount code and free shipping on all purchases made within continental USA.

As always, stay tuned and have a safe month of September!


Toll Free: 1-888-ORO-LATINA (1-888-676-5284)
International: 1-646-688-3670

OROLATINA® Catalog & Wholesale Policy – Effective January 1st, 2015

On our various social media and through our website, we get numerous requests for catalogs, mainly by individuals who are seeking to wholesale.  Our policy on catalog printing & wholesaling is as follows:

OROLATINA® is a “Green Company”, and as such does not offer a printed catalog. Our online catalog is updated daily at Every day our pricing is updated in accordance with the fluctuations in the 2nd London Fix price of gold. In addition, new gold jewelry items are made available every day. In short, our catalog and our pricing is constantly changing with the jewelry market.

If your objective is to resell our jewelry, please keep in mind that our minimum wholesale order is $5,000.00 USD and shipping is at your own expense. We will only be making exceptions to the minimum order value with established, cooperating, “brick & mortar” jewelry establishments seeking to service their personal clientele.

We thank you for your interest in our fine 14k gold jewelry.


Christopher J. Lazaro
Executive Vice President
Toll Free: 1-888-ORO-LATINA (1-888-676-5284)
International: 1-646-688-3670

OROLATINA® and® are registered trademarks of OROLATINA, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Welcome to the NEW® Website!

Call 1-888-ORO-LATINA

Welcome to the official launch of the® Website! Since 2005 we have been a going concern on the Internet, and in that time the Internet itself has changed in many ways.  Like many other web-only businesses, OroLatina® has seen its share of successes, failures and challenges.  In our particular industry, the challenge has been felt especially hard with the price of gold rising 3-5 times where it was when we first launched our business (circa $400.00 USD per ounce in 2005).  Now with gold hovering between $1200.00 to $1,400.00 per ounce, we take the first step in a new direction for our business, this new website!  Another significant change has been the societal shift to social media and to the mobile platform.  On both fronts, the OroLatina® Team has taken measures to improve.  For example, the OroLatina® Facebook Page is now more active than ever, and we have implemented a responsive template design to accomodate the myriad of devices our customer base utilizes to view and make purchased on the website.  In addition, new, easy-to-use OroLatina® mobile applications are in development and will deployed over the coming weeks.  Even Google has completely revamped the algorithm(s) it uses to determine search placement to weigh heavily towards the social activity of any given domain; and further, it is now a requirement that you have a mobile optimized website as well.  We embrace these changes, despite those changes initially damaging our search engine rankings (i.e: March of last year, the infamous “Penguin Update” and “Panda Update”, really stirred up the search engine ranking pot!), because as a small family-owned business, we do not have the marketing budget of our larger competitors, and we see the social media world as a means to get better acquainted with our customers, regardless of the distance between us!  It is as level a playing field as a small business could hope for in many respects!  This is why we have, and will continue to, enable & immerse functions to and from social media outlets via our website.  We have now fully enabled our website to support the largest social networks, so feel free to Login using your preferred Social Media Account, Share the content of our website you like, and follow us on these major Social Media Networks.

     Previously,® was based on a custom PHP (a programming language) code base, but it eventually grew too large and complex for our small team to maintain.  We collected a lot of feedback regarding the old website and went to development on a theme that best represented our new vision two years ago.  We had decided as family, and as partners, to choose another technology upon which to base the future of our business.  We worked with several technologies and made a choice.  Granted, we have made significant investment in customizing the new platform to our specific needs; or more correctly, you, our customers’, specific needs.  We humbly ask you excuse our appearance as we work out the inevitable “bugs” that come with launching a very large website on an entirely new platform. It is our greatest hope that you, our customer, enjoys the new website and will share it via the many social media channels you may have access to!

     Over the next few months we expect to make a great many improvements & additions to the website, including plenty of Chic & Unique gold jewelry products from the best manufacturers in the world.

Fine Gold Jewelry
Love Always…

In January we went  into the Valentine’s Day Season with our Official Launch of the OroLatina® Website with significantly more content, pages & functionality.  The® website will continue to be updated and further polished to reflect our brand image as we move forward.  We are excited about the future and welcome all of our visitors’ feedback.  Very soon you will be able to give us a Like and/or a Tweet, and earn yourself a Coupon Code towards a purchase on our website for doing so! 🙂

       Thank you for your visit to®!  We look forward to serving your 14K gold jewelry fashion & education needs.  Your complete satisfaction is always our ultimate goal.

Cheers, — Christopher Jorge Lazaro Executive Vice President OROLATINA, LLC 1-888-676-5284

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