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Another Valentine’s Day has come and gone and we enjoyed the feedback we received from our customers.  Many couples celebrated their love with a gift from OroLatina® this year and we now look forward to the coming Easter holiday, and of course, Mother’s Day.

At OroLatina.com® the month of February was very busy indeed.  Aside from delivering the finest 14k gold jewelry to our customers for Valentine’s Day, we had a lot of jewelry and design concepts presented to us by our importers, wholesalers, and manufacturers.  A decision was made on styles to carry, and of course, the direction we want to take to best address our customers desires.

So far we have begun introducing a handful of the new jewelry collections.  These include:

1)     Our Birthstone Jewelry selections.  Leading off with February’s Birthstone, Amethyst.  OroLatina® now carries a large selection of beautiful Amethyst Jewelry in Fine 14 Karat Gold. March is coming quickly upon us and we have added beautiful Aquamarine Jewelry to celebrate!

Aquamarine Jewelry
March’s Birthstone – Aquamarine


All 12 Birthstone collections will be coming available over the next two weeks!

2)   New Diamond Jewelry, including colored diamond jewelry.  We have started offering Black Diamond Jewelry and Blue Diamond Jewelry to the general public.  Our sparkling selection of these fantastic, Chic & Unique pieces has the office excited and anticipating great success with these lines.

Blue Diamond Jewelry
Sparkling Blue Diamond Jewelry from OroLatina®

3)   We wanted to focus more on LOVE!  The vast majority of fine gold jewelry, especially exquisite, heirloom quality gold jewelry, is given from one loved one to another!  I have included a slider in this post (at the top) to illustrate some of the online offerings and concepts we are working with.




Fine Gold Jewelry
Love Always…

In addition, we did have some customer complaints regarding response time, our phone system not properly routing calls or dropping customer inadequately to voice mail (still working on this, English Telephone System appears to be corrected), and lack of availability of customer service personnel during regular, Eastern Time Zone (USA) hours.  Management has implemented a new policy:  At OROLATINA®, ALL officer’s, staff, and assistant-level personnel’s first priority is customer service.  Furthermore, after discussing with the staff on how best to improve, the staff mentioned that the customer base is not providing enough feedback and we should engage our customers more!

ALL OROLATINA® members are always interested in customer feedback and are authorized to perform customer service functions.   Even our graphic designers & computer programmers can now receive your feedback, take orders, and coming soon ALL of the staff will have customer facing phone extensions and be responsible for taking on call overflow.  We plan to have that fully implemented before the end of Spring.

As we conclude February I want to personally thank all of our customers who made this February a success and assure them that their feedback has been heard, evaluated and plans are now in motion to make the suggested improvements.  We thank you for your continued patronage and your appreciation of the finer things in life 🙂


Christopher J. Lazaro
Executive Vice President
Toll Free: 1-888-ORO-LATINA (1-888-676-5284)
International: 1-646-688-3670

Fine 14K Gold Jewelry
From the Chic, to the Unique™




Author: Christopher Lazaro

Christopher Lazaro is Co-Founder, Executive Vice President & Chief Operations Office for OROLATINA, LLC. Originally from New York, he now resides in Miami, Florida. He holds a bachelors degree in computer science, a masters degree in business administration, and has an extensive Information Technology background having worked for more than a decade at companies such as: JPMorgan Chase Bank, IBM and American Express.

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