Happy Valentine’s Day from OROLATINA®!

Amethyst, February's Birthstone
Amethyst Jewelry
February’s Birthstone – Amethyst

Hello Friends! Welcome back to another edition of our Jewelry Blog here at OROLATINA®!
This blog is dedicated to all of you, both our most recent, and existing loyal customers. As the month of February begins, we bring you a Gemstone of wisdom, benevolence, truth, protection and generosity… the noble Amethyst.  OROLATINA® offers a large selection of beautiful Amethyst Jewelry in fine 14k gold.  The beauty of the Amethyst gemstone contrasts beautifully against the shine of either yellow gold or white gold and both choices offer an exceptional value at OROLATINA.com®

A purple variety of quartz family, this Gemstone is associated with various legends, myths, religious creeds and cultures. It is said to provide defense against intoxication, and clear the mind. It is associated with, and said to transmit positive traits, like the ones mentioned earlier in this paragraph. Our wide variety of Amethyst Jewelry pieces are currently available to order from our online catalog, with free insured shipping on all continental USA Orders, and our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all stock purchases.

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February is also the month of LOVE!  This month we celebrate Valentine’s Day and for the jewelry industry, at least online, is the highest traffic month of the year…even greater than December!  We offer a beautiful selection of Valentine’s Day Gifts for your loved one!

Valentine's Day Jewelry
Beautiful Gifts for Valentine’s Day

We conclude by wishing everyone a Happy Valentine’s Day, and a great month!

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