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Hello readers!

Fine 14K Gold Earrings at OROLATINA®
Fine 14K Gold Earrings at OROLATINA®

This month OROLATINA® is proud to present our Earring extravaganza! We will be having a mid month sale, with an additional discount from our affiliated coupon sites. We are also starting our pre-season holiday sale, where items can be pre-ordered and shipped just in time for the christmas and new year holidays!

We are very excited about this sale, as we have recently implemented new merchandise into our online catalog, and expect more to come in the next few months.

We’ve also been posting videos that we find useful regarding Jewelry and fashion, and these have gained notorious attention. Specifically, we’ve been looking at Lindsay Albanese, and recommend her style and wardrobe tips for all our readers.

Hope you enjoy this month’s sale, and make the best of these fashion tips, for this 2015 Fall season.


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