March’s Birthstone – Aquamarine

Updated:  June 12th 2016 – Repost from Blog

Aquamarine Jewelry
March’s Birthstone… Aquamarine

March is upon us, and with it we welcome the arrival of the Spring season! This month we celebrate March’s Gemstone, the Aquamarine.

This precious stone, Aquamarine, can be found in various shades of blue, predominantly of the lighter kind. It is part of the turquoise and light blue variety of the Beryl family, a mineral that can be found in other colors as well. The Green Emerald happens to be the most famous of the Beryl Gemstone family, for having a large concentration of Chromium. The Green Emerald is also one of the four precious Gems of the world, along with the Diamond, the Sapphire and the Ruby. Aquamarine Gems are extracted from many parts of the world, including Brazil, Africa, Sri Lanka, Colombia, and USA.

Currently, we have many Aquamarine Jewelry items on sale to choose from, but supplies are limited as these specialty jewelry items are typically produced seasonally by our suppliers.  For more information on Aquamarine Jewelry, visit our Education section:  About Aquamarine.  All of our 14K Gold Aquamarine Jewelry receives Free Insured Shipping and 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Also new at OROLATINA®, we have added new items into our exclusive online catalog, such as Men’s Gold Chains of various styles, and we are preparing for more advances in our social media sites and website design!

We are very excited about these forthcoming updates, and our customers will soon be able to see these updates.

As always, we wish you a great month from everyone here at OROLATINA®!

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Author: Christopher Lazaro

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