OROLATINA® Catalog & Wholesale Policy – Effective January 1st, 2015

On our various social media and through our website, we get numerous requests for catalogs, mainly by individuals who are seeking to wholesale.  Our policy on catalog printing & wholesaling is as follows:

OROLATINA® is a “Green Company”, and as such does not offer a printed catalog. Our online catalog is updated daily at http://www.OROLATINA.com. Every day our pricing is updated in accordance with the fluctuations in the 2nd London Fix price of gold. In addition, new gold jewelry items are made available every day. In short, our catalog and our pricing is constantly changing with the jewelry market.

If your objective is to resell our jewelry, please keep in mind that our minimum wholesale order is $5,000.00 USD and shipping is at your own expense. We will only be making exceptions to the minimum order value with established, cooperating, “brick & mortar” jewelry establishments seeking to service their personal clientele.

We thank you for your interest in our fine 14k gold jewelry.


Christopher J. Lazaro
Executive Vice President
Toll Free: 1-888-ORO-LATINA (1-888-676-5284)
International: 1-646-688-3670

OROLATINA® and OROLATINA.com® are registered trademarks of OROLATINA, LLC. All Rights Reserved.

Author: Christopher Lazaro

Christopher Lazaro is Co-Founder, Executive Vice President & Chief Operations Office for OROLATINA, LLC. Originally from New York, he now resides in Miami, Florida. He holds a bachelors degree in computer science, a masters degree in business administration, and has an extensive Information Technology background having worked for more than a decade at companies such as: JPMorgan Chase Bank, IBM and American Express.

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