Tanzanite & Blue Topaz…. December’s Birthstones

Tanzanite... December's Birthstone
Tanzanite… December’s Birthstone

December is upon us and everyone is getting ready for the forthcoming Holiday Season!  This month our featured gemstones are Tanzanite and Topaz!

Tanzanite was discovered in 1967 in Tanzania (hence the name), and is thus a recent addition to the Gemological Birthstone Charts, having first been added to the December’s collection of stones by the American Gem Trade Association in in October of 2002.  Also included in December’s Birthstones are Zircon & Blue Topaz.  Virtually all Tanzanite is heat-treated to bring out the best in it’s natural pleochroism, a feature of the stone that gives it a deep patterned & prismatic appearance.  When dug out of the ground, tanzanite is generally a bland, greenish color.

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Topaz Jewelry
Blue Topaz… A December Birthstone

Blue Topaz Jewelry is a more traditional birthstone for December, and is typically less expensive that Tanzanite given that it is far more common and found in Brazil, Australia, Germany, Russia, The United States, and other locations spanning the globe.  Topaz comes in a variety of natural colors, however, the beautiful light to deep dark blues are the most popular color shades of the stone.

Finally, OROLATINA® is pleased to announce our 30 Days From Christmas Return Policy is now in effect!  Make a purchase at any time, now through December 25th, and receive a 30

Christmas SALE!  30 Days From Christmas Returns & 20% Off Store-Wide!
Christmas SALE! 30 Days From Christmas Returns & 20% Off Store-Wide!

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Wishing you and your family a Happy Holiday Season!


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Leslie’s 14K Gold Trends and 2015 Collection…

14K Gold Jewelry by Leslie's
Designer Jewelry by Leslie’s in Fine 14 Karat Gold

The latest in 14K Gold Trends is here with Leslie’s new 2015 collection! OROLATINA® carries and assortment of 14K Gold Jewelry pieces in Italian Yellow, White, and Rose Gold that sets a trend.

Infused Hoop Earrings, Satin Fancy Necklaces, Anklets, Hinged, Polished Link and Mesh Bracelets and Bangles, are some of the styles this beautiful collection has to offer. These timeless pieces will provide lasting memories and precious moments that forever remain in our hearts.

This collection also offers Men’s Premium Gold Chains in styles such as Anchor, Figaro, Herringbone, Rope, Wheat, Cable, Spiga, Concave, Franco, Snake, Box, Link and Byzantine.

We hope you enjoy this collection as much as we do, and make it an integral part of your daily fashion experience.

Remember that a jewel is a precious signature of emotion, memory, and significance… all combined into one.


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June’s Birthstone… The Pearl.

Pearl Jewelry
June’s Birthstone…The Pearl

Dear readers and customers, we welcome you to another edition of our monthly blog, here at

This year we celebrate Father’s Day on June 21st, and with it, we extend our greatest wishes to our Father’s for giving us the gift of life, and guiding us through those very important moments in our lives. To celebrate this holiday, we have special gifts available for Dad, in our Men’s Jewelry Section.

We are also celebrating Pearls as the Birthstone for the month of June. OROLATINA® offers a wide selection of Pearl Jewelry in fine 14 karat gold for all tastes & budgets.  All of our 14K Gold Pearl Jewelry ships receives Free Insured Shipping & 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

History tells us that for more than two centuries, Pearls have been used as a fashion tool to enhance one’s image and appeal, and honor the beauty of this wonderful product of nature. Considered to be a symbol of wisdom, purity, wealth, love and mystery, these luscious Gemstones are a timeless gift.

Pearls are born from a grit or a microscopic organism that has entered the shell of an oyster or mollusk, and is sedimented by a thick substance called nacre or mother of Pearl. This secreted substance, is used as a defense to protect the sensitive interior of a clam from a strange body. A Pearl’s shape will depend upon the initial form of the foreign object that was introduced into the shell. Pearls are considered to be an organic Gem, as they are created by a living source.

Some of the various types of Pearls, include Natural Pearls, which are produced naturally inside a clam or oyster. These are very expensive and rare. They are sold by Carat weight, and considered vintage in the Gemstone market. Cultured Pearls are grown by using the inside of a shell of a clam or mollusk. They are sold by their size in millimeters. Another type of Pearl is the Saltwater Pearl. These Pearls come from saltwater oysters, and can be cultured or natural, such as the Akoya Pearls, which come from Saltwater regions in Japan and China. Freshwater Pearls are produced or grown inside freshwater mollusks, found in rivers and lakes. Other types of Pearls, such as the Tahitian and South Sea Pearls are naturally occurring Pearls, and therefore not cultured.

Pearls are classified by origin and shape, and their market value is based on their level of glow. The thicker the nacre, the higher the Pearl will glow. Not all mussels, oysters, clams and mollusks can produce Pearls. They appear in less than one by the ton. When it comes to shape, round Pearls are classified as Spherical Pearls. This kind of Pearl is most often preferred, making them higher in value. Symmetrical Pearls are Pearls with an inexact shape, and never truly round. Baroque Pearls are another form of unusually shaped Pearls. These two types are unique in the market, but are sold for a lower value than the Spherical.

More facts about this precious Gemstone, can be read in our education section: Gemstone Education.

Once again, we wish everyone a Happy Father’s Day and a great month of June!


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The Gemstone for the month of May… the Emerald

Emerald Jewelry
May’s Birthstone…The Emerald

May’s Birthstone is the beautiful Emerald. Ranging from various tones resembling the lush greens of the amazons, to the dark greens of the appalachians, this precious Gemstone belongs to the variety of the mineral Beryl family. It’s color is the result of having Chromium and at times, Vanadium (a naturally formed chemical element) combined in it’s mineral composition. Due to this, an Emerald’s level of hardness, ranges from 7.5 to 8 level on the Moh’s mineral scale.

Believed to attract good fortune, this Gemstone ranges from Green (predominately) to Yellow and Green, and Blue to Green tones (Thus it comes from the greek term “smaragdos”, meaning Green Gem). It is regarded as the traditional Birthstone for the month of May, and the Gemstone for the zodiac sign Taurus.

The majority of Emeralds in the world today, are mined in Colombia, Brazil, Afghanistan, Zambia, and Zimbabwe. Colombia is the world’s largest producer of these precious stones, providing a 50-95% of the world’s production. Colombian Emeralds however, are among the world’s most beautiful, displaying a strong Green color with a hint of Blue. Emeralds are also known to be a traditional gift for 55th wedding anniversaries.

More facts about this precious Gemstone, can be read in our Education section: About Emerald Jewelry

We would also like to extend an invitation to, and celebrate Mothers day with gifts from OROLATINA®. Search through our 14K Gold Emerald Jewelry selection for that special occasion gift here: www.orolatina.com/Emerald-Jewelry/Emerald-Jewelry.html. Thousands of beautiful 14K Gold Jewelry items from our online catalog are available to make that special moment a long lasting cherished memory.  All of our stock Gold Jewelry receives Free Insured Shipping and a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

We conclude by wishing all the Mothers and mother’s to be, a Happy Mother’s Day! We wish everyone celebrating this very special occasion, a wonderful time filled with joy and love.

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April’s Gemstone… the Diamond, A Girl’s Best Friend.

Diamond Jewelry
April’s Gemstone…the Diamond

April’s Gemstone… the Diamond,  is popularly known as A Girl’s Best Friend!

Greetings to all our friends, readers, and clientele, OROLATINA® is proud to announce that we are receiving and stocking many new Jewelry Items, including Religious Jewelry, such as Crosses, Rosaries, Religious Pendants, and more. These items are the perfect gift for religious devotees and people of good faith, sacred events, holidays, and other specially memorable moments. They are also discounted, and ready to ship free within continental USA.

This month we are celebrating the Diamond, the Gemstone for the month of April. These precious Gemstones are rare, naturally occurring transparent Minerals composed of Carbon atoms, and have a highly unified atom bonded surface. Diamonds have the highest level of hardness, durability, and thermal conductivity of any bulk material, and are graded 10 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, holding the highest possible grade. Because of their structure and mineral properties, Diamonds can function as cutting tools, optical refraction tools, and Jewelry. Diamonds are used and worn in a wide variety of Jewelry, such as Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Rings, Anklets, and more. There are other kinds of color treated Diamonds, such as Black Diamonds, Charcoal Grey, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Red (Being the Rarest color), Green, Pink to Purple tones, and Brown. White Diamonds are traditionally used for Wedding Rings, and commemorative anniversaries.

Diamonds can be found in many of our fine Jewelry products, they can be seen in this month’s featured items list, and more information about these precious Gemstones can be read in our Education Section: About Diamonds.

We welcome you to visit our Diamonds product section, and experience the splendor and radiance of these wonderful fragments of nature!


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January’s Birthstone… The Garnet

Garnet Jewelry in 14K Gold
Garnet is January’s Birthstone

The holidays are over and a new year is upon us. This month OROLATINA® is pleased to feature January’s Birthstone, the Garnet.

The Garnet is a special type of Gemstone. It is a composite Gemstone; therefore it consists of different minerals (and the quantity of each mineral varies from stone to stone) that form chemical bonds together. There are more than 30 varieties of Garnet, some of these considered in theory, with the major varieties being Pyrope, Almandine, Spessartine, Andradite, Grossular, and Uvarovite (being quite rare).

The Garnet stone ranges on the Moh’s Scale of Hardness from 6.5 to 7.5 depending on the amount of the mineral Almandine in each specific stone. Learn more about Garnet Gemstones in our education section.

OROLATINA® offers a fine selection of Garnet Jewelry in fine 14 Karat Gold for all tastes and budgets. Shipping is Free and all of our 14K Gold Garnet Jewelry is backed by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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October’s Birthstone… The Opal

Opal Jewelry
October’s Birthstone, The Opal

October’s Birthstone is the Opal.  Measuring 5.5-6.0 on the Mohs scale of hardness, Opal is an amorphous crystal categorized as a mineraloid (as opposed to a mineral).  Nearly all of the world’s supply opal comes from Australia, of which the Opal is the national gemstone.  Non-precious opal is referred to by miners as “potch”, and it does not display the brilliance of colors that Precious Opal does.  Most opals are cut and polished to form cabochons.

Other sources of Precious Opals include Mexico (the Fire Opal; something I gave my own wife as a pre-engagement ring when I graduated college) and Peru (the Peruvian Opal, also called Blue Opal).  Blue Opal also originates from the Northwestern United States.

OROLATINA® offers a beautiful array of Opal Jewelry in Fine 14 Karat Gold.  Shipping is Free within the United States, and all stock Opal Jewelry is backed by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


Christopher J. Lazaro
Executive Vice President
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September Sapphires at OROLATINA®

Sapphire Jewelry
The Sapphire…September’s Birthstone

Summer is over and the Autumn has officially begun!  This month OROLATINA® is featuring September’s Birthstone; the Sparkling, Scintillating & Spectacular Sapphire!

Sapphire is in the same family of gemstones as Rubies; it is a variety of Corundum and therefore is very hard, ranking 9.0 on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness.  Only the Diamond and Moissanite are harder.  Sapphires are found in many of the same regions as rubies, such as Eastern Australia, Montana, United States, Eastern Africa and China.  Sapphires are available in a variety of shades and colors, however are more commonly known for their blue color.  Other colors include Orange, Brown, Pink, even colorless (which look very much like diamonds).  Pink Sapphires have been known to sell for higher prices, due to their rarity and popularity amongst women, than their most precious & rare blue sapphire equivalents!

OROLATINA® features a wonderful selection of Sapphire Jewelry in Fine 14 Karat Gold and  offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all stock jewelry purchases, and Free Insured Shipping on all Domestic USA Orders.


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Executive Vice President
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The Peridot, August’s Birthstone

Peridot Jewelry
August’s Birthstone, The Peridot

Summer is in full swing at OROLATINA® and like many retailers throughout the world, we are preparing for the forthcoming Christmas Season.  Our education section is in development and we expect to release it to the general public in early October.  Having been working with the developers in-person, I am happy to report it will be a nicely laid out, easy-to-use-resource for the Internet user.

This month’s featured Birthstone is the Peridot!  The Peridot measures 6.5-7.0 on the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness.  Peridot is one of the only gemstones in existence that is available in but a single color, Olive Green.  The intensity of the color can vary depending on the concentration of iron in the silicate material that forms the crystal.  Dark Olive Green is the most sought after and valuable of the colors.

Peridots (also known as gemstone quality Olivine) is mined in numerous places throughout the world including North Africa (Egypt), The United States (Arizona, New Mexico and Arkansas), Australia, Myanmar, Norway and Sri Lanka.

OROLATINA® carries a beautiful selection of affordable Peridot Jewelry set in Fine 14K Gold and  offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all stock jewelry purchases, and Free Insured Shipping on all Domestic USA Orders.



July’s Birthstone is the Ruby!

Ruby Jewelry
August’s Birthstone, The Ruby

This month OROLATINA® is happy to feature July’s Birthstone: the exotic Ruby!  Chic & Beautiful, the majestic Ruby is a heavily sought after gemstone.  On the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness it ranks at 9, of which only natural moissanite and diamonds are harder.  Rubies are found in all shades of red, and all naturally occurring rubies contain some form of “imperfections”, such as color variances in the stone and natural inclusions; however, it is these traits that make every ruby unique from every other ruby.

Rubies are mined throughout the world, with the largest quantity of rubies currently coming from the country of Myanmar.  Rubies have also been discovered in the United States (Montana, North Carolina, South Carolina & Wyoming), and under the receding ice shelves of Greenland.  In Europe, the only known location of natural ruby deposits are in the Republic of Macedonia.

OROLATINA® offers a tremendous variety of Ruby Jewelry and all of our Ruby Jewelry is set in Fine 14 Karat Gold.  OROLATINA® offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all stock jewelry purchases, and Free Insured Shipping on all Domestic USA Orders.

Also in OROLATINA® news, the staff has begun compiling information from across the world on jewelry, gemstones and precious metals.  Very soon, OROLATINA.com® will launch it’s very own education section!  We are very excited to be growing as a small business and able to provide new and innovative value adds to our customers & clients.