The Ruby, July’s Birthstone

Ruby Jewelry
July’s Birthstone, The Ruby

This month OROLATINA® is features July’s Birthstone: the Ruby!  Both beautiful & majestic, the Ruby is one of the most heavily sought after gemstones.

On the Mohs Scale of Mineral Hardness it ranks at 9, of which only natural moissanite and diamonds are harder.  Rubies are found in all shades of red, and all naturally occurring rubies contain some form of “imperfections”, such as color variances in the stone and natural inclusions; however, it is these traits that make every ruby unique from every other ruby.

Rubies are mined throughout the world, with the largest quantity of rubies currently coming from the country of Myanmar.  Rubies have also been discovered in the United States (Montana, North Carolina, South Carolina & Wyoming), and under the receding ice shelves of Greenland.  In Europe, the only known location of natural ruby deposits are in the Republic of Macedonia.

OROLATINA® offers a tremendous variety of Ruby Jewelry and all of our Ruby Jewelry is set in Fine 14 Karat Gold.  OROLATINA® offers a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee on all stock jewelry purchases, and Free Insured Shipping on all Domestic USA Orders.

For more information on Rubies, visit our Gemstone Education Section: About Ruby.


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