October’s Birthstone… The Opal

Opal Jewelry
October’s Birthstone, The Opal

October’s Birthstone is the Opal.  Measuring 5.5-6.0 on the Mohs scale of hardness, Opal is an amorphous crystal categorized as a mineraloid (as opposed to a mineral).  Nearly all of the world’s supply opal comes from Australia, of which the Opal is the national gemstone.  Non-precious opal is referred to by miners as “potch”, and it does not display the brilliance of colors that Precious Opal does.  Most opals are cut and polished to form cabochons.

Other sources of Precious Opals include Mexico (the Fire Opal; something I gave my own wife as a pre-engagement ring when I graduated college) and Peru (the Peruvian Opal, also called Blue Opal).  Blue Opal also originates from the Northwestern United States.

OROLATINA® offers a beautiful array of Opal Jewelry in Fine 14 Karat Gold.  Shipping is Free within the United States, and all stock Opal Jewelry is backed by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.


Christopher J. Lazaro
Executive Vice President
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OROLATINA® Now Featuring Affirm!

Receive your merchandise today & Pay Over Time on Your Terms!

(September 27th, 2014) / Receive Your purchase Today & Pay over 3 Installments!

  OROLATINA, LLC is pleased to announce it’s affiliation with Affirm!. Affirm has teamed up with OROLATINA® to give our customers the ability to make gold jewelry purchases immediately while allowing the customer to make 3 easy payments over the next 3 months. Even customers with prior credit problems may qualify!  So if you see something on OROLATINA.com® you like, but it is not in this month’s budget, see if it is in the next 3 months budget and make your purchase today!  Affirm was founded by a co-founder of Paypal, Max Levchin, who went on record with Businesswire recently saying

“We started Affirm on the belief that the current FICO-based credit rating system was not working for many consumers.  It is now clear that online shoppers and merchants were ready for an affordable, transparent alternative to old-school credit cards”.

When asked about the new affiliation with Affirm, Jorge Lazaro, CEO of OROLATINA, LLC said “Our Layaway solution was expensive and unwieldy, forcing us to hold merchandise for months before we could ship it to our customers.  We have switched out our Layaway program in favor of Affirm.  Our customers can now receive their purchases immediately on approved credit from Affirm, and pay Affirm back over several billing cycles.  This is a win-win-win scenario and I am pleased that my development staff & Affirm’s development staff, were able to implement it so quickly!”.

When OROLATINA.com was first registered as a domain name in 2005, gold was circa 425-450 USD per ounce.  Today the price of Gold is hovering at 1,170 USD after having peaked at 1,859 USD.

20 Year Chart of Gold Price (Source: GoldPrice.Org)
The Price of Gold over past 20 years. (Source: GoldPrice.Org)

Prices are on the rise in virtually every sector of every economy world-wide. The OROLATINA® & Affirm affiliation is a natural and needed adaptation in our business to consumer model.


Christopher J. Lazaro
Executive Vice President
Toll Free: 1-888-ORO-LATINA (1-888-676-5284)
International: 1-646-688-3670

Welcome to the NEW OroLatina.com® Website!

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Welcome to the official launch of the OroLatina.com® Website! Since 2005 we have been a going concern on the Internet, and in that time the Internet itself has changed in many ways.  Like many other web-only businesses, OroLatina® has seen its share of successes, failures and challenges.  In our particular industry, the challenge has been felt especially hard with the price of gold rising 3-5 times where it was when we first launched our business (circa $400.00 USD per ounce in 2005).  Now with gold hovering between $1200.00 to $1,400.00 per ounce, we take the first step in a new direction for our business, this new website!  Another significant change has been the societal shift to social media and to the mobile platform.  On both fronts, the OroLatina® Team has taken measures to improve.  For example, the OroLatina® Facebook Page is now more active than ever, and we have implemented a responsive template design to accomodate the myriad of devices our customer base utilizes to view and make purchased on the website.  In addition, new, easy-to-use OroLatina® mobile applications are in development and will deployed over the coming weeks.  Even Google has completely revamped the algorithm(s) it uses to determine search placement to weigh heavily towards the social activity of any given domain; and further, it is now a requirement that you have a mobile optimized website as well.  We embrace these changes, despite those changes initially damaging our search engine rankings (i.e: March of last year, the infamous “Penguin Update” and “Panda Update”, really stirred up the search engine ranking pot!), because as a small family-owned business, we do not have the marketing budget of our larger competitors, and we see the social media world as a means to get better acquainted with our customers, regardless of the distance between us!  It is as level a playing field as a small business could hope for in many respects!  This is why we have, and will continue to, enable & immerse functions to and from social media outlets via our website.  We have now fully enabled our website to support the largest social networks, so feel free to Login using your preferred Social Media Account, Share the content of our website you like, and follow us on these major Social Media Networks.

     Previously, OroLatina.com® was based on a custom PHP (a programming language) code base, but it eventually grew too large and complex for our small team to maintain.  We collected a lot of feedback regarding the old website and went to development on a theme that best represented our new vision two years ago.  We had decided as family, and as partners, to choose another technology upon which to base the future of our business.  We worked with several technologies and made a choice.  Granted, we have made significant investment in customizing the new platform to our specific needs; or more correctly, you, our customers’, specific needs.  We humbly ask you excuse our appearance as we work out the inevitable “bugs” that come with launching a very large website on an entirely new platform. It is our greatest hope that you, our customer, enjoys the new website and will share it via the many social media channels you may have access to!

     Over the next few months we expect to make a great many improvements & additions to the website, including plenty of Chic & Unique gold jewelry products from the best manufacturers in the world.

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Love Always…

In January we went  into the Valentine’s Day Season with our Official Launch of the OroLatina® Website with significantly more content, pages & functionality.  The OroLatina.com® website will continue to be updated and further polished to reflect our brand image as we move forward.  We are excited about the future and welcome all of our visitors’ feedback.  Very soon you will be able to give us a Like and/or a Tweet, and earn yourself a Coupon Code towards a purchase on our website for doing so! 🙂

       Thank you for your visit to OroLatina.com®!  We look forward to serving your 14K gold jewelry fashion & education needs.  Your complete satisfaction is always our ultimate goal.

Cheers, — Christopher Jorge Lazaro Executive Vice President OROLATINA, LLC 1-888-676-5284

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