September’s Birthstone… The Sapphire!

Beautiful Sapphire Jewelry in Fine 14 Karat Gold
Beautiful Sapphire Jewelry in Fine 14 Karat Gold


Welcome to OROLATINA®’s Jewelry Blog for the month of September 2016!  The Christmas Season is forthcoming, and OROLATINA® is heavily engaged in getting prepared for the holiday season.  Our new version of® is nearly ready for deployment, and we are excited to show off our forthcoming new look & feel.

Also this Fall season, we have a Presidential Election.  There is no doubt, given all the news, that times could be better than they are; and some are worried about the future.  Even in times of uncertainty though,  gold & gemstone jewelry makes an even more perfect gift because unlike most gifts you may purchase, gold & gemstone jewelry retains substantial value, and oftentimes increases in value; making such purchases an investment as well!

This month also celebrates the precious Gem and Birthstone, the Sapphire. With it’s dark & medium blue tones, it is a Gemstone that combines well with White Gold and Yellow Gold, as well as the beautifully fascinating Diamonds. The contrast in their color pairs exceptionally well for a stunning Jewelry and Fashion matching experience. Take a peek inside our current Sapphire Gemstone collections.

Visit our Gemstone Education Section, to read more about Sapphire Gemstones.

As always, stay tuned and have a safe month of September!


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