Tanzanite & Blue Topaz…. December’s Birthstones

Tanzanite... December's Birthstone
Tanzanite… December’s Birthstone

December is upon us and everyone is getting ready for the forthcoming Holiday Season!  This month our featured gemstones are Tanzanite and Topaz!

Tanzanite was discovered in 1967 in Tanzania (hence the name), and is thus a recent addition to the Gemological Birthstone Charts, having first been added to the December’s collection of stones by the American Gem Trade Association in in October of 2002.  Also included in December’s Birthstones are Zircon & Blue Topaz.  Virtually all Tanzanite is heat-treated to bring out the best in it’s natural pleochroism, a feature of the stone that gives it a deep patterned & prismatic appearance.  When dug out of the ground, tanzanite is generally a bland, greenish color.

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Topaz Jewelry
Blue Topaz… A December Birthstone

Blue Topaz Jewelry is a more traditional birthstone for December, and is typically less expensive that Tanzanite given that it is far more common and found in Brazil, Australia, Germany, Russia, The United States, and other locations spanning the globe.  Topaz comes in a variety of natural colors, however, the beautiful light to deep dark blues are the most popular color shades of the stone.

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Christmas SALE!  30 Days From Christmas Returns & 20% Off Store-Wide!
Christmas SALE! 30 Days From Christmas Returns & 20% Off Store-Wide!

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Wishing you and your family a Happy Holiday Season!


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7 Interesting Facts about the Topaz Birthstone



The Topaz is a precious and peculiar Gemstone of various colors. It is also the Birthstone for our current month, November.

Here are 7 of the most curious facts about this precious Gem:

1. Topaz (aluminum fluor-silicate) a mineral that occurs in rhombic prisms, typically of yellow and pellucid tone, also occurs in green, blue, brown, purple tones. It can also be found in a clear and colorless state.

2. Purely extracted Topaz is colorless. Topaz Gemstones that present color, consist of 3 components:

Hue: This is the first impression of color, at first sight.
Tone: Intensity of the color, which may range from light to dark, light, medium or strong.
Saturation: A state that relates to the intensity of the color of the Gemstone. This may be dull, strong, or vivid.

3. The name “Topaz” is derived from the word Topazos, which was a small island found in the Red Sea, where the Ancient Romans extracted these peculiar stones.

4. For those of you who believe in the western horoscope and Zodiac signs, The Topaz Birthstone is associated with the 8th sign of the Zodiac, Scorpio. Other associated birthstones are Beryl, Amethyst, Aquamarine, Tourmaline and Opal.

5. The Topaz can be a Wedding anniversary Gemstone, for the 4th and 19th year of a marriage.

6. Constancy, Devotion and friendship are typical symbols associated with the Topaz Gemstones.

7. It is almost impossible to distinguish a Topaz Gemstone from a Citrine Gemstone with simple observation.


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December’s Birthstones, Blue Topaz & Tanzanite

Tanzanite Jewelry
Tanzanite, A December Birthstone

December’s Birthstones are Tanzanite and Blue Topaz, with Blue Topaz being the stone of choice for the more budgetary conscious customer.  Both gemstones are remarkably beautiful additions to anyone’s jewelry repertoire and they make fine gifts for loved ones that can be passed down from generation to generation.  This is the month of gift giving, and OROLATINA® is happy to present our customers with a beautiful selection of both Blue Topaz Jewelry and Tanzanite Jewelry.

Tanzanite, as they name suggest, is found only in Tanzania, a country in East Africa.  It ranks 6.5 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness, and is universally heat treated (and as such, has no effect on the pricing of Tanzanite) to remove the browns and ambers naturally occurring in the stone in order to enhance the natural blue & blue violet colors found within the stone.  Recent changes in the Tanzanian Government’s rules regarding the export of the stone have increased the pricing of the stone, as it can only be processed & cut in the country itself.  Previously, raw stones were shipped to India for cutting; however, the government took up export bans on raw stones to facilitate the creation of local jobs and recoup profits by enforcing the export of only finished stones.

Naturally Blue Topaz is amongst the rarest of the Topaz colors and Topaz is typically heat treated and irradiated to bring out a beautiful light blue color.  The vast majority of jewelry quality blue topaz has been treated in such a manner.  Topaz ranks 8 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness and is widely popular amongst women of all ages throughout the world for its beauty, durability and versatility as an eye-catching accessory.

Topaz Jewelry
Blue Topaz… A December Birthstone

OROLATINA® carries a beautiful selection of both Tanzanite Jewelry and Topaz Jewelry.  We do our very best to ensure that there are selections for all tastes & budgets; and we work diligently to ensure that our selections contain only jewelry pieces that range from the Chic to the Unique.

This month the world celebrates a virtually universal season of gift-giving.  From Christmas to Chanukah and Kwanza to Yule, people everywhere will be shopping for loved ones and giving gifts.  We wish everyone a Happy & Healthy Gift Giving Season and encourage you to take advantage of our 30 Days From Christmas Return Policy.  Purchase from OROLATINA® with complete peace of mind that if you or your loved one wish to return the purchase, you will have until January 25th 2015 to make your return for a FULL REFUND.


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November’s Birthstones – Citrine & Topaz

Topaz Jewelry
November’s Birtstone, Brown Topaz

Brown & Orange Topaz, as well as Citrine, are November’s traditional birthstones.  Citrine is variety of quartz ranking 6.5-7 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness.  Topaz ranks as an 8 on the Mohs Scale of Hardness.  Varieties of both stones are found throughout the world with Brazil being the leading producer of both Citrine and Topaz. OROLATINA® features a variety of both Citrine Jewelry and Topaz Jewelry, all set in fine 14 karat gold.  Whether it is a gift for a loved one, or for yourself, fine gemstone jewelry is a perfect way to accessorize and express one’s individuality.

Citrine Jewelry
Citrine…a November Birthstone

This month the excitement of the Christmas shopping season begins and we in the United States will be celebrating Thanksgiving. We at OROLATINA® want to wish every one a happy & healthy holiday Thanksgiving Holiday as our 30 Days From Christmas Return Policy begins!


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