The Pearl, June’s Birthstone

The Pearl, June's Birthstone

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This June we celebrate Father’s Day, and with it, we extend our greatest wishes to our Father’s for giving us the gift of life, and guiding us through those very important moments in our lives. To celebrate this holiday, we have special gifts available for Dad, in our Men’s Jewelry Section.

We are also celebrating Pearls as the Birthstone for the month of June. OROLATINA® offers a wide selection of Pearl Jewelry in fine 14 karat gold for all tastes & budgets.  All of our 14K Gold Pearl Jewelry ships receives Free Insured Shipping & 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.

Pearl Jewelry
June’s Birthstone: The Pearl

History tells us that for more than two centuries, Pearls have been used as a fashion tool to enhance one’s image and appeal, and honor the beauty of this wonderful product of nature. Considered to be a symbol of wisdom, purity, wealth, love and mystery, these luscious Gemstones are a timeless gift.

Pearls are born from a grit or a microscopic organism that has entered the shell of an oyster or mollusk, and is sedimented by a thick substance called nacre or mother of Pearl. This secreted substance, is used as a defense to protect the sensitive interior of a clam from a strange body. A Pearl’s shape will depend upon the initial form of the foreign object that was introduced into the shell. Pearls are considered to be an organic Gem, as they are created by a living source.

Some of the various types of Pearls, include Natural Pearls, which are produced naturally inside a clam or oyster. These are very expensive and rare. They are sold by Carat weight, and considered vintage in the Gemstone market. Cultured Pearls are grown by using the inside of a shell of a clam or mollusk. They are sold by their size in millimeters. Another type of Pearl is the Saltwater Pearl. These Pearls come from saltwater oysters, and can be cultured or natural, such as the Akoya Pearls, which come from Saltwater regions in Japan and China. Freshwater Pearls are produced or grown inside freshwater mollusks, found in rivers and lakes. Other types of Pearls, such as the Tahitian and South Sea Pearls are naturally occurring Pearls, and therefore not cultured.

Pearls are classified by origin and shape, and their market value is based on their level of glow. The thicker the nacre, the higher the Pearl will glow. Not all mussels, oysters, clams and mollusks can produce Pearls. They appear in less than one by the ton. When it comes to shape, round Pearls are classified as Spherical Pearls. This kind of Pearl is most often preferred, making them higher in value. Symmetrical Pearls are Pearls with an inexact shape, and never truly round. Baroque Pearls are another form of unusually shaped Pearls. These two types are unique in the market, but are sold for a lower value than the Spherical.

More facts about this precious Gemstone, can be read in our education section: Gemstone Education.

Once again, we wish everyone a Happy Father’s Day and a great month of June!


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